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How to defend low balls in padel.

How to defend low balls in padel.
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We are defending behind the serve line, and the ball comes from a low and very slice volley. The ball then touches the back wall. What do we do? Well, do not step back, do not bend over and put the padel bat and hit the ball with wirst rotation (or pronation). The ball goes out uncontrolled down to the net, or too easy for a good volleyer who will win the point. In addition, wirst totation increases the possibility of an injury to the elbow.

What should we do?

Lower the padel bat and bring it closer  to the back wall and make a preparation with the padel bat low and stand sideways, then let the ball come out of the wall, contact it, drop it, and finish pushing the ball. We will get a return ball with enough control and not too high so that it can not be easily volley.

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